The Tubac Fire District is reaching out to encourage our neighbors who are residents of Tubac Foothills Ranch or Salero Ranch to become a part of the District. Opting into the Fire District (annexing your property) is not only a wise course of action from a safety perspective, but it also means that you’re sharing the cost of fire and emergency medical services with your fellow Tubac Fire District residents and ensuring that there are funds to make important improvements, such as the purchase of additional or updated equipment, when necessary.

2020 has presented us all with unexpected health and weather-related challenges, so this is a very good time to ask yourself:

  • Who would respond to your home in the event of a fire or sudden medical event?
  • Have you done everything you can to keep your family safe?
  • Is your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance premium as low as it might be if your property was located within the boundaries of a fire district?

Tubac Fire District staff and Fire Board Chair, Mary Dahl, host a community meeting:

Saturday, November 14, 2020

10 a.m. until noon

Join us and learn more about the District, and meet emergency responders and Fire Board members. There will be a brief presentation on annexation at 10:30.


COVID-19 PROTOCOLS WILL BE IN PLACE so please don’t forget your mask!

Did you know?

The Tubac Fire District responds to more than 1600 calls each year for fire suppression, emergency medical response, rescue, and provides non-emergency services, including fire prevention, CPR classes and other public education, and venomous creature removal?  We accomplish this with one Type 1 engine, one Advanced life Support/Basic Life Support ambulance, one water tender and one Type 6 brush truck operating out of each of our four stations, plus our normal daily operational staffing of eight.

The benefits of joining the Tubac Fire District:

  • Peace of mind. When you call 911, Tubac Fire District will respond.
  • No additional charges for a fire response, non-medical related emergency or a public assist call (such as reptile removal).
  • Increased likelihood of selling your home or land
  • Fire districts provide focused, property owner driven services tailored to local needs (access to fire stations for community meetings, participation in community education classes, etc).

The cost:

Fire districts are special taxing districts, independent of local government. Working with other municipal departments to keep so many people safe is a huge responsibility, yet the Tubac Fire District has consistently maintained one of the lowest tax rates in the State of Arizona for comparable size districts. Our annual budget of $3.5 million is primarily financed by property taxes assessed within the District (please see the back of this sheet to find your own rate).  Tax revenue is supplemented by ambulance transport revenues and wildland contract revenues.

Tubac Fire District (TFD) Annexation FAQ’s

Is there a fee schedule for fire and public assistance services (i.e. snake removal) provided by TFD?
Yes, the Fire Board has approved a fee schedule for our out-of-district response. This is available at:
Our emergency medical response and ambulance transport fees are determined by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). The current ambulance transport fee for both residents and non-residents of the district is $1,198.80 plus mileage ($13.33). TFD bills the patient’s insurance carrier. The rate schedule for the state may be found at:
How are homeowner’s insurance rates and coverages affected if a house is not in the Fire District?
Typically, the largest impact on homeowner insurance rates is distance from a secure water supply (i.e. a fire hydrant), and distance from a fire station. Recently, TFD was re-classified to a 4/4X Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating, an improvement from the last rating period five years ago. Generally, when ISO ratings improve, there may be a reduction in insurance premiums. Homeowners should check with their insurance carriers for more information.
What does the “Fire District Assistance Fund” tax provide?
The FDAT is for rescue services only and is shared by all fire districts in Arizona to assist with their response to emergencies in areas outside of established fire district boundaries. Every AZ homeowner pays the FDAT; the allotment to individual fire districts is determined by the total assessed valuation.
What would the tax rate be if Tubac Foothill Ranch was annexed into the District?
Fire Districts operate under Arizona Revised Statutes Title 48, Special Taxing District. Property tax collections are based on assessed valuation of the individual parcel.
Limited Property Value (LPV) can be found on the property owner’s tax bill or by checking the Santa Cruz County Assessor’s online resources at:
Property owners can search for their parcel to see LPV. The current operating tax rate for the Tubac Fire District is $2.85 and the bond rate is $.54. At right is an illustration of a property tax calculation for homeowners and owners of vacant land based on 2010 Assessed Valuation and 2021 Assessed Valuation for comparison purposes.


For more information or questions about the Community Meeting, please contact Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath at (520) 398-2255 or [email protected].