COVID-19 update from the Fire Chief

Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath
Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath

We are asking our residents to heed the CDC warnings regarding your actions during this pandemic.

As a fire district we have been preparing since January for a potential outbreak.

Here are some of the changes/initiatives we have participated in:

We have changed our response protocol to minimize exposure to our residents and our firefighters. This includes:
    1. Additional questions when you call 911 to gauge whether you are a patient with symptoms of COVID-19
    2. Responding with an ambulance outfitted with the appropriate EMS equipment and ensuring the ambulances is sufficiently decontaminated after any suspected COVID-19 patient transport
    3. Added additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for our firefighters for suspected COVID-19 patients to now include masks, gowns, gloves, and goggles. Responders are advised to maintain a distance of 6’ upon initial patient contact.
    4. Changing the initial patient contact to limit exposure to the firefighters while still providing supportive care
    5. Documenting potential exposure internally for the safety of our community and our firefighters
Information sharing:
    1. Participated in weekly conference calls since January with county public health officials, emergency management, healthcare providers, and public safety agencies regarding COVID-19
    2. Closely monitoring updates received from a variety of organizations, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Arizona Department of Health Services (regulatory agency for ambulance operations), Arizona Fire District Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Banner/UMC Prehospital Staff (provide medical direction to Tubac Fire District), Santa Cruz County Health Services, Santa Cruz County Emergency Management, and our regional public safety partners.
    3. Participated in the latest update of the Santa Cruz County Pandemic Influenza Preparedness & Response Plan (in review status for the last year). There are over 25 local, state, and national agencies involved in the response plan, as well as healthcare organizations, and volunteer and non-profit organizations. This plan aligns with state and federal level preparedness and response plans and is intended to provide the response framework for a pandemic impacting Santa Cruz County. The plan has been shared with Tubac Fire District personnel to ensure we are prepared to initiate the plan should the need arise.
Public non-emergency programs and needs:
    1. All Tubac Fire District stations are on lockdown to provide security and minimize exposure to our staff and firefighters.
    2. Our administration offices are open with public access available by ringing our doorbell.
    3. 911 phones are available at all our stations. Anyone coming to the fire station for emergency care will be required to use our 911 phones situated outside the station.
    4. We are asking anyone with suspected COVID-19 symptoms to contact their healthcare provider first for care instructions. If the patient is suffering respiratory or life-threatening distress, please call 911.
    5. Our March board meeting will be available in our virtual format only for the public. The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 at 0900. We will post a link to the meeting on our website and on the agenda. Members of the public will be able to listen to the meeting live online.

These are truly troubling times, but we know that we can make it through by being diligent about our self-care and making sure to limit exposure to the virus. You can call the CDC at (800)232-4636 for more information on COVID-19. Here are a few links with additional information that we recommend you review:

Our goal at Tubac Fire District is to take care of our community and be there for you in your time of need. We hope you find this information helpful. You can reach out to us at (520)398-2255, or send an email through the website. Please take care of yourselves and your families. We are Community Strong!

The District

Established in 1974 and operating out of four fire stations, the Tubac Fire District provides fire and emergency medical services, which include fire suppression, emergency medical response, rescue, fire prevention, public education and a host of non-emergency services such as venomous creature removal.

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For any Fire or Medical Emergencies, call 911



Community Strong

Located in southeastern Arizona in Santa Cruz County, including parts of the towns of Tubac, Tumacacori, Amado and Rio Rico, the Tubac Fire District serves 10,000 residents in a 166 square mile area.  The TFD has a blend of commercial and retail areas, including more than 100 eclectic shops, eateries, and world class galleries, all of which are intermixed with a variety of beautiful residential neighborhoods.

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Fire Board

Tubac Fire is governed by a 5 member Board.  Board meetings are generally held the last Wednesday of the month at Station 1 at 9am.  These are public meetings and the public is encouraged to attend.  The meeting notices are published here in our documents, downloads, and video section of the web page and also posted at the local post offices.

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Adminstration Office

520.398.2255 • M-Thur 8am-4pm and Fri 8am-12noon

Residents with a burn permit requesting permission to conduct a controlled burn must call (520)398-2255 after 7:30 am daily.