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Our History

Established in 1974 and operating out of four fire stations, the Tubac Fire District provides fire and emergency medical services, which include fire suppression, emergency medical response, rescue, fire prevention, public education and a host of non-emergency services such as venomous creature removal.

Our Mission

The Tubac Fire District is committed to the safety of our community through the delivery of fire suppression, medical services, and public education

Our Station Locations

  • Station 1 - 2227 E Frontage Rd, Tubac
  • Station 2 - 1360 W Frontage Road, Rio Rico
  • Station 3 -333 Camino Josefina, Rio Rico
  • Station 4 - 149 Ruta Camaron, Rio Rico
1,6003.5 Million84
Calls for serviceAnnual BudgetDaily StaffingStations
Daily Operations 


Currently deploying normal daily operational staffing of 8 personnel, the District responds to approximately 1600 calls per year.  TFD provides service with a Type I engine, an ALS/BLS ambulance, one water tender, and one Type 6 brush truck operating out of each fire station. The District administrative office is located at 2227 E. Frontage Road; this location is also home to TFD Station 1. Station 2 is located at 1360 W. Frontage Road in Rio Rico; Station 3 at 333 Camino Josefina in Rio Rico; and Station 4 at 149 Ruta Camaron in Rio Rico.

With a budget of $3.5M, the District is primarily financed by property taxes assessed within the District, as well as by ambulance transport revenues and wildland contract revenues.  The District has always had a philosophy of meeting the emergency response needs of the community by providing high quality and cost effective service. This has been accomplished while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in the State of Arizona for comparable size fire districts.

Organizational Chart 
An organizational chart for the Tubac Fire District showing hierarchy and various roles.

What Our Residents Say?

"Just wanted to give a shoutout to all the fire men and women who helped make the children's day just by being you! Thank you for the community outreach!" 
Shanna M. Sellers
"Amazing work guys! Always doing good for the community and for the people."
Yvonne Moreno
"Shout out to Tubac Fire District. Crews came out and helped us get our hunting partner after a bad fall. You folks got to us after a rough drive, then hiked in and stabilized his leg. Can’t thank you enough!"
Jerry Laird
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